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The Abundant Energy Healthclub (a.k.a - “AEHC”) was created in 2009 by Mirdza Hayden, prompted by God to help people across the U.S and around the world to get fit, healthy and energetic following a healthy lifestyle. As you follow the links in this site, you will be able to get to websites where you can set up your own account to have products that enhance your healthy lifestyle delivered to your home. You will be able to get fitness programs from BeachBody, essential oils, supplements and personal use and household care products enhanced with these oils from Young Living, foods and beverages that surpass organic standards from Beyond Organic, healthy chocolate supplements from Xocai, laundry and kitchen care products from Shaklee, and products created from the moringa tree from Zija international.

Meet The People Who Will Guide You

Mirdza Hayden, having lost over 70 pounds since college and getting fitter, healthier and more energetic every year since she started her own health journey, will be your guidance coach and sponsor when you create your own account at these three companies.

Mirdza Hayden
  Mirdza was a speaker at this year's "Weight Loss Wellness Summit" held by Carol Dunlop and Dana Dunn! Listen to her interview now!


Team BeachBody ~ www.CoachMirdza.com
Here you can get the fitness programs, created by professional trainers like Tony Horton and Chalene Johnson, which Mirdza has used since 2007 to keep her fit and healthy in her 30s and 40s, getting stronger with each passing year.

Young Living Essential Oils ~ http://YLScents.com/BondingFamilies
At this site you can get the highest quality oils available on the market, as well as health-enhancing personal use products and supplements for yourself and your entire family created with these oils. Since Mirdza’s main goal is EDUCATION and UNDERSTANDING of these oils, as you go to her Young Living website, consider taking the time to learn about Young Living’s oils by signing up with her 16-email introductory newsletter. When you are ready to order, you can fill out the online application to become a retail or wholesale member with the company; there is a link on the site that will explain the difference between the two accounts.

Beyond Organic ~ http://MirdzaHayden.MyBeyondOrganic.com
Given that nutrition plays a huge role in the way we feel everyday, the foods and beverages that we choose to consume each day will either energize us, or will slowly kills us; therefore, at this site you can get all the foods and beverages that go beyond the organic standards on the market today. Take the time to learn about the Beyond Organic ranch and the GREEN-FED foods and beverages that Jordan Rubin offers us. Then, create your own account as a retail or Preferred Customer.

If you would like to learn more about Mirdza and her family, and read some of her blogs on how essential oils have helped her and her family live healthy, visit her Abundant Peace family blogsite. Just CLICK HERE to get to it.


Dexter and Mae Black
Jacqueline Lundie
Sandra Baldwin
Dexter and Mae Black
Chocolate Supplement

Our mission is to help you get healthy & stay healthy with Xocai Healthy Chocolate products. Losing weight, bringing down bad cholesterol, helping with over all well being and much more! What makes Xocai chocolate different than almost everything else on the market is the fact that it is made from unprocessed cocoa. What this means is that the cocoa beans have not been heated and they therefore retain more of the natural antioxidant properties. The cocoa is combined with freeze-dried acai berry and blueberry and is sweetened with raw cane juice crystals. It is 100% natural and that means that all the good things about chocolate, such as the rich flavonoids and antioxidants are still in the chocolate helping your body fight free radicals that we are all exposed to daily. Besides all of that, it's delicious!

Jacqueline Lundie
Moringa Supplemental Drink

Jacqueline Lundie is a certified Health coach and Culinary Nutrition coach, with over 30 years of culinary experience and over 20 years of health, fitness and nutrition experience. Her main mission is to help as many people to enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle, and so she has committed herself to an on-going quest to seek out some of the best ways to achieve this lifestyle. In 2010, Jacquie discovered Zija International, a company that created the most amazing health products from a botanical tree called the Moringa Tree which naturally has over 92 nutrients, and over 40 antioxidants. This whole food plant with all this nutrition is 100% bioavailable in the human body. This premium level of bioavailability has enabled the plant to help people with over 300 different types of health conditions to experience amazing improvements. It was when Jacquie tried Zija's products, particularly the Smart Mix, that she readily felt the huge health benefits and improvements in her own body, which led to her becoming a Zija Distributor. This is the product she introduces to all of her health and culinary clients from babies up to senior citizens for overall health maintenance or health improvement!


Sandra Baldwin
"Get Clean" Laundry and
Dishwashing Products

My name is Sandy! I'd like to share the reason I love The Get Clean products from Shaklee. A couple of my friends said I should try them because they work well. I'm thinking, ok fine, I'll try them. I decided to try Basic H on my range hood since it didn't look so good. I couldn't believe my eyes; the range hood was actually silver in color. It really does work! It wasn't like the other products I had tried. Chemical smells bother me a lot and the Shaklee cleaning products have a very pleasant smell.

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